CMR News identifies bad government monetary policies and flawed economic theories (within which monetary policies function) as being the primary causes preventing the realization of a well-balanced, fair, and environmentally sound Vision for Canada.

The PURPOSE of CMR News is threefold:

To Provide: a Context, as to the nature of monetary policies and economic theories through our horizontal menu selections (above).

To Explain: in 5 Easy Panels (below) what the Problem is; how it effects Canadians; to provide examples; and to offer a political Agenda for Action.

To Involve: others in our Social Media Campaign (right); UPDATE current issues and Events; and develop A Citizen's Agenda for Action.

We need YOU to join in our social media campaign to fight for change!

Help make Canadians aware of monetary and economic reform issues: how they affect us; how damaging the Problem is; and how incredibly helpful working towards Solutions would be!

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Professor Michael Hudson
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Create Government Money
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PANEL 1: The Problem