iThe Great Divide

"Unfortunately, we' re going in the wrong direction; and have been for decades. With a primarily debt-based Canadian Government money supply, which is what we have now, Canada will never be able to pay off its government debts. Canada will owe such moneys to financial institutions it has borrowed from (as debt) in perpetuity...

It is a form of slavery. This is due to our government's choice to create debt-based money through the private sector rather than credit-based money using the Bank of Canada."

"GCM is credit-based because it need not be created as debt; and costs little (or no) interest. This is due (in Canada) to the fact that the Government of Canada owns the Bank of Canada.

It is not possible to owe money to yourself! Consider: if you had your own bank (as Canada does) would you use it, or would you go down the street to another bank and borrow what you need as debt + interest (as Canada also does)?"

"Of course not!"

"Astonishing though it may seem, that's exactly what all levels of government in Canada do!"

"But why would governments chose to do that? It doesn't make sense..."

"No, it doesn't. But, as we see just below, it's apparently the same old story...

- The Difference -



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