Health Care

"We could build new hospitals, and expand existing services. We have the manpower (doctors, nurses, technicians), the know-how, and the resources.

The only ingredient missing is the money."


"The government-created money necessary to maintain and expand universal health care in Canada will not cause inflation- if created in proportion to the need for it. Such moneys would be absorbed by the costs incurred in such expansion; and it would create many, many jobs."
"Sounds pretty good. Still, the government says there's 'not enough' money for health care, education, social programs, environmental care, the Koyoto Protocol--"
"Not so! As our health care example shows, money for governmental projects can be created (without causing inflation or undue increase in debt) if needed. This would lead to:


What is Money?

"There is a general misunderstanding of what money is. Most people think that it is like a commodity, that there is only so much of it; and that when you run out-you run out. Not true! Money is a medium of exchange: you can have as much (or as little) as you want, but care must be taken that neither too much money is created (inflation), nor too little (recession)."

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