iThe Media

"If what you say is so, how come I don't hear this kind of talk anywhere else?"

"The historical reality of the battle for control over government created money (GCM) has been effectively supressed. It is not discussed in the media, not taught in the education system, 'economic commentators' avoid it, even investigative journalists, activist groups, and political parties who are generally very well-informed, seem unable (or unwilling) to debate the subject...'"

"Why is that?"





"View our video about media concentration in Canada. Much like our government money supply, it seems important information we need, on which to base our collective choices, has also been privatized.

"All you say might be so, but frankly, I'm not convinced..."

"Fair enough. I can appreciate your scepticism. How about something about the issue from one of our former prime ministers?"
Oh? Who are you speaking of? What did he say?"

"Well, let's go to the next link to find out..."

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