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"Political parties don't act as if they're aware..."
Well, here's a few choice words by another Canadian Prime Minister. In the movie 'Oh Canada' (Dan Matthews, 2009) former PM John Turner is asked:
'What would make the Government want to borrow money from the private banks instead of the Bank of Canada?'
TURNER: 'It should deal with the Bank of Canada. Period.'

In its 2004 Policy Convention, the NDP claimed: '...Canada's NDP will give Canada clear choices on debt reduction by bringing some of Canada's national debt under the control of the Bank of Canada, as it used to be, and paying the interest to ourselves as opposed to chartered banks.'



"I noticed that in the 2011 Federal Election when Jack Layton 'threatened' to tamper with interest rates, Finance Minister Flaherty's response implied that would be very dangerous, as 'people were watching'."

"Yes, he's right. Anachronistic market fundamentalists keep a close watch on their delusional turf. They've destroyed a good portion of the Earth's infrastructure- for abstract (paper) gain. But they'll defend their powers to continue to do so ruthlessly. I think Jack could be in for a rough ride, to say the least..."
"It's- crazy."


"But suppose the monetary and economic reforms you suggest were put in place- would anything really change What would we do differently?"

"Well, now that the Party has more power, let's see if he says anything about it- How important is it, really, anyway?"

I can sum it up in one sentence for you. 91% of our federal debt is interest: such interest would not be in play were we to create money through the Bank of Canada."
"It's hard to believe it's that simple."

--You have to take into account there's no discussion of this PRIMARY monetary reform issue.

"Have any other political parties talked about it?"

The Canadian Action Party, a party formed in 1997 by former deputy Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Hellyer, carries it as a central policy issue.

The Green Party of Canada, in its 2010 Convention passed a resolution stating the party would consider using the Bank of Canada for a broad range of issues, as set fourth in the Bank of Canada Act's mandate.

It's not as if what we're saying is 'new', or anything.

It's simply not debated. The issue has been around for a long long time!"

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