iA Political Vision
ifor Canada

"You're talking about something bigger here-- about regaining control of the economy..."

'Now you've got it! That is how important it is! Karl Polanyi puts it this way in 'The Great Transformation', one of the most important books of the 20th century: 'Instead of economy being embedded in social relations [as it should be], social relations are embedded in the economic system.'[market fundamentalism].
We have it precisely- backwards."

" So you're saying--"

"Look, I'm not saying GCM will solve EVERYTHING! But the implementation of policies supporting GCM Projects could help considerably in solving many of our socio-environmental problems."

"Well- I'm glad to hear you say that. I was beginning to wonder-"





None of these issues have been raised in any substantive way in academia, the media, activist groups, or as election issues. To do so would unify Canadians through providing A Vision for Canada. A vision, by the way, for all the world to see."

"Sounds good to me!"



"--The thing is, we're 'going backwards into the future', and, as technology advances, we're going faster and faster. We're in Big Trouble.

Only when we have the political will, the courage, to confront (effectively regulate) the financial sector; and begin to use our own bank, the Bank of Canada, will we be able to consider ('have the money' for) National Programs, (in cooperation with all levels of governments) such as those listed to the right:




"...So... what do you think?"

"About what?"

"You belong to any political party?"

"No, not at the moment..."

"Want to run as an independent?"


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