"...It's the same old story: a mix of misinformation and pressure put on government representatives by very well-organized, well-funded lobby groups representing the interests of financial institutions... It's a sort of fraud, really: our governments create money as debt which we pay for through taxes to the financial institutions the government borrowed it from..."

"Yet if the federal government creates its own moneys through the Bank of Canada, wouldn't that negatively effect the profits of some of our financial institutions?"

"Of course! But financial institutions make more than enough money in the private sector! They can certainly survive, and make very substantial profits- without creating, and charging interest- on moneys needed by governments. Has there been any substantive information, parliamentary or media debate on this issue? No."









"The financial sector should be a component of our society; it should not be controlling society, as it does today."

"I see what you're saying. But even if regaining control of 'the issuance of currency and credit' would go a long way towards solving our money problems, aren't you forgetting something?"

"What's that?"

"-The political will needed to do it."






"Well, but we're told that the debt has to be paid..."

"Yes, it does, but by creating money using our own bank, the Bank of Canada, Canada's government debts could be refinanced, the loans to financial institutions paid off over time, and social programs revitalized. Money could be used for the things Canadians want: strong social programs, enforceable environmental care, tuition-free education, health care, and so on- all of which create jobs, jobs, jobs.

The wages received by those working at such jobs would be spent in the community; local businesses and farmers would be strengthened; but most importantly, the influence of large corporations, banks and other wealthy financiers on government policy decisions would be reduced- and we need to have such influence reduced.

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