iPolitical Will

"Correct! We need to elect people to parliament who support the concept of financing public debt with public money for investment in public infrastructure and public services."
"I've never heard it raised as an election issue..."
"Unfortunately, none of the parties in parliament will discuss these ideas publicly. None have shown a willingness to provide leadership on this issue: our 'most conspicuous and sacred responsibility'."

"So, well then, what can we do- what can I do? I'll have to check out what you're saying, of course."

"Check The Bank of Canada Act (not to be confused with the Bank Act), particularly section 18, 'Business and Powers of the Bank'.

"Yes! But it's worthwhile. It would be beneficial to us all! If none of the party representatives agree to make such a commitment, then we will find someone to run as an independent candidate, and rally the community to support that person."

"But some will argue that an independent candidate has no power and can do nothing."

"What good is it to have democratically-elected representatives in Parliament who do not use their position to change what needs to be changed?

We are talking here not of some 'minor adjustments', but of regaining control of our 'most conspicuous and sacred responsibility: the issuance of government currency and credit.
By the way, it's not as if polical parties aren't aware of this issue...

"If what you say is true, it really makes me angry: If so, Canadians are being undermined, taken advantage of by the very people we elect to represent us, to stand up for us--"

"We ask every candidate if he or she will make a public commitment to support and promote the use of the Bank of Canada to finance public debt, making it very clear to the candidates that we will only vote for those who do make this commitment.."

"It's a lot of work-"

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