Our Little Understood Money System

Canadian Government Monetary Policy, today, is in dire need of reform. As our Dialogue Box shows, our public money supply has been all but privatized.
This leads to the claim that 'We don't have the money!'

But is that so?

George Crowell

We are told (almost daily) that we can't afford environmental, social, and infrastructure programs- integral components of a Vision for Canada- because OUR money must be used instead to pay for the interest on money previously borrowed. This choice, we are told, is 'beyond our control': the debt must come first, has to be paid down.

True, the debt ought to be paid down.
But is there more to it than what we're being told?

Paul Hellyer


These three video clips, taken at the 2010 G-20 Summit in Toronto, describe some of the facets of our little understood monetary system.

Sydney White