We urgently need an economic theory that 'works' for Planet Earth- and for more than 5% of the population!

What we have today is, as one commentator says, "little more than a decoy."

A socially progressive, activist role ought to be played in reforming what 'economics' means, and how it is taught, so that outcomes occur which are socially equitable.

Doing so indicates movement in the right direction: towards A Vision for Canada. We also need to ensure that production is carried out by ecologically sustainable processes (see Tutorial/A Model).

Economic Pronouncements...

A great deal of confusion, perhaps even mystique, surrounds economic pronouncements.

It almost appears as if 'economists' have become the HIGH PRIESTS in our society.

Elections are won or lost according to what economists tell us (there is no debate) is meant by 'the economy'.

Unfortunately, many if not most economists abide by a market fundamentalist economic theory, 'spreading the message' in the financial community, as academics, or as government 'advisors'.
Very few indeed serve us as social economists.


A World of Difference
Market fundamental economists view as 'externalities' the environment, social structures or anything, really, which does not generate profit. Profit is absolutely exclusive. Social economists, while acknowledging the importance of profits, contextualize them within socio-environmental issues. A world of difference.