The HST is the Antithesis of Being Canadian

by Erik Andersen

The design of a tax system is a reflection of the character of a community and/or a nation.
Since the middle of the 18th century our forefathers officially and frequently proclaimed, as first principle, that governments of Canada shall construct laws, statutes and ordinances for the "public peace, welfare and good government". A further formalization of this phrasing was its use in the "Constitution of 1791".

In the French version “public peace” was deemed dependent upon "fair welfare and good government". In the minds of Canadians then, one achieved "public peace" by having "fair welfare and good government". The nurturing and securing of "fair welfare", in its broadest sense, was and has been the defining feature that has made Canada what we have all been so proud of as citizens. Canadians had learned the lesson from the indigenous populations, that survival on this part of the planet required living "from a community bowl". This concept did not embody the pejorative and narrow meaning of welfare we so frequently run into these days.

Here in British Columbia we are blessed in having a peaceful way of repudiating unfair taxation, by referendum; which is quintessentially Canadian. The HST and its implementation is the exact opposite which makes it alien in our culture.

The government has tried to excuse itself by claiming need of increased revenues and proclaiming that it must be the correct way because others do it. Please remember this need has been created by their unacceptably irresponsible financial miss-management over the past decade.

The agency Standard & Poor's is now lending a direct hand to our government by threatening a credit downgrade (see S&P report of 15 April, 2011; New York; titled "Canadian Provinces Face Tough Choices in Restoring Fiscal Balance"). This phrasing puts one in mind of what the Americans of 1774 must have felt about the parasites in London. Vote to cancel the mean-spirited HST. Be Canadian and assertive about it.

Primary reference; "A Fair Country" by John Ralston Saul

For a hundred and fifty years "fair welfare" for the citizens of Canada has been sabotaged by the increasing dominance of "Order", reflected by our courts and legislatures. These are the chosen tools of those who lust after dominion over the rest, the importation of “kingship” so many of our ancestors wanted escape from.

So what is the HST? It is nothing more than an inescapable consumption tax much in the way of a "poll" tax or the VAT in Europe we know about. In formal terms the HST is a "regressive" tax (where the taxation impact is greatest upon those citizens least able to pay).
In the extreme, these types of taxes are imposed rents we all must pay for simply living on this planet. The American War of Independence (1775-1782) was for the most part about over-taxation. The Elite of England were seeking to extract ever greater tribute from their colonies in North America.