We need to do some focus groups and push polls on the BoC to see what gets the most traction. MPs could be showing the Money as Debt (David Gringold?) video in their ridings as potential fundraisers (or as part of potential fundraisers) and perhaps that could be a caucus event.

The Money as Debt video shows a nice tie-in to how we have an economic system where money trumps life. Our values need to be clearer. Our economic system takes life and increasingly converts it to money outside of the life sequence.

Without using the BoC better, NO OTHER PRIORITIES CAN BE ACHIEVED in any lasting or meaningful way!

...The Regina Manifesto with reference to BoC or Gov't created money is part of the NDP/CCF roots but not enough attention has been paid to those issues. Many of the disaffected voters may be in that group without knowing it.

It should be noted that Quebec has long had a progressive view of monetary reform in its midst so we need to capitalize (sorry) on that with our new members from Quebec.

A presentation to caucus about the BoC so that the issues related to our debt could be handled more intelligently by members across the country.
The CAP and the Greens both have supporters that could help tip the balance in some ridings given an analysis that I saw recently and they both have policies about the BoC.

Promoting the Intelligent Use
of the Bank of Canada

from a letter by Herb Wiseman

The year 2013 represents the 75th anniversary of the nationalization of the Bank of Canada.

What a timely moment or opportunity for a review of its role and impact on Canada.

We should NOT talk about specifics in changing the role of the BoC but rather let them emerge from a national committee or royal commission or such. ...It has to be handled smartly because there will be hugely powerful forces on the other side of these questions than where we might prefer to be. We need to move carefully in other words.

For example, how much of our deficit is being funded by the BoC and how much by the private sector? Is this how we bailed out our banks? These questions need answering. The answers will bring us votes if we talk about it correctly and ask smart questions in the house committees.