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Ethical Markets

Hazel Henderson

Contact: Hazel Henderson


Recommended Readings

John Kenneth Galbraith and the Future of Economics B. Laperche and D. Uzunidis

a must read for all Americans and Canadians as it explains in graphic detail how the Wall Street Mafia swindled the world out of trillions. Obama has hired these same crooks to get us out of it all.

Money and Power: How Goldman Sachs Came to Rule the World W. D. Cohan


Occupy Our Bank

Victory for the World

COMER: The Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform

Contact: William Krehm, Derrell Duhlar,
Herb Wiseman

COMER (Kingston)

Contact: Richard Priestman, Keith Wilde

The Financial Party of Canada

Global Outlook
Contact: Ian Woods

Money as Debt
Contact: Paul Grignon

Sustainability and Well Being
Contact: Mike Nickerson