There are continual 'updates' from the federal finance minister about 'the debt' and 'the deficit'; about how they are "increasing"; that we will have to pay "for years to come..."

But there is never any explanation as to where this money comes from- or where it goes. But one thing we can count on is the continual refrain that 'We don't have the money...'

But then suddenly we are surprised to learn that we DO have the money, should a sudden emergency arise; or that money for military expenditures is 'suddenly' available.

Where did this money come from? If money can be found for 'some' emergencies, why can't it be found for others, such as health care, education, or the environment?


Perhaps the major impediment to a truly just social system is the appalling lack of understanding of the way banking works; of how money is created; of who creates it, and why.

This short video will explain 'The Best Kept Secret of the 20th Century'...


WHAT money is, HOW it is created,
WHO creates it, and WHY...