Lawsuit Update
(22 min.)

Q & A
(26 min.)

Calendar of Lawsuit Events:

Dec 12/11: Lawsuit filed; AMENDED Jan 19/12. Read Amended Version.

Dec. 19/11: Press Release

Dec. 22/11: Press Conference video

Prototype for a new government money-creation protocol:

Overview: How It Would Work

A Specific Example: Health Care


The class-action lawsuit filed by The Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform (COMER) against the Federal Government is one of the most significant actions ever undertaken on behalf of Canadians.

It is completely ignored by mainstream media.

A Reminder from the late John Hotson
as to What this Lawsuit is All About...

The HISTORY of The Problem.

Federal Finance Ministers Say:

Flaherty (2011)
Goodale (2004)


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