Accrual Accounting
Financial Capital
Human Capital
Public Banks


This deterioration has occurred because the very foundations of our democracy have been neglected. The enormous benefits to be gained through investing in Human Capital have been ignored; Financial Capital has become an unregulated, out-of-control dominant revenue; and without Accrual Accounting, there is no verifiable transparency or accountability; and the money supply, our medium of exchange, has been privatized.

In order for these 4 Pillars of Democracy to be properly addressed, Parliamentary Reform would be needed.

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'We, The People'

People are elected into a governing system as representatives responsible for addressing the needs of their constituents. These needs ought to be responsibly tended to, debated if necessary, and aired in a well-funded public media so as to realize the will of We, the People.

But instead we see an ongoing decline in voter turnout; and a continuing disregard by our duly elected officials in their responses to the wishes of 'we, the people' concerning:

global warming, environmental protection, and problems with tar sands development
the war in Afghanistan: the majority of we, the people, are against it.
we want enforceable, tough financial regulations; not 'rewarding the perpetrators'.
we want support for our farmers and our home-grown food supply. This isn't happening. Why not?
instead of bickering in Parliament, serious attempts to regenerate our manufacturing sector
protecting our manufacturing from foreign takeovers. Currently, there is no protection. Not any!
we want to see the development -not dismantling- of solid social programs--