12 Steps

1. Invest in Human Capital (Models/Democracy link): it's the greatest renewable resource we have!

2. Protect the Environment: it's not 'an externality'! Promote our farmers.

3. Use the Awesome powers of Public Banks. It won't cause inflation! That's classic baloney!

4. Deploy Accrual Accounting-- Or maybe go to jail.

Recovery Canada!

9. Stop giving away the country! We need stringent, enforceable foreign takeover laws.

10. Manufacturing: how about our very own Canadian (electric?) car!

11. There's room at the table for everyone! Let's get on with it!

12. Develop a Political Vision based on these recommendations. An example for all the world to see!


5. Educate economists: don't indoctrinate economists!

6. Regulate banks effectively + Bring back Statutory Reserves!

7. Develop a workable economic theory. It's the final frontier! Without it, we will never have a Just Society.

8. Protect national resources with fair trade agreements (see our References/Videos link).