Dennis Kucinich addresses AMI Monetary Conference 2009

On July 26th 2011, Congressman Dennis Kucinich hosted Professor Kaoru Yamaguchi (Berkeley & Doshisha universities) for a Monetary Briefing to present to members of Congress the real solution to the real problem. Full Article

In the USA, almost all of the 50 states are insolvent. North Dakota is one of the solvent states. Since 2000, its GNP has grown 56%, personal income 43%, Wages 34%. ND has a budget surplus of over $1 billion.

What does ND have that other states don't? The answer seems to be: its own bank. Full Article


On December 17, 2010, U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced the National Emergency Employment Defense Act (NEED, HR 6550*) which contains all the monetary reform provisions of The American Monetary Act.


It is much more than regulation; it fundamentally reforms our private CREDIT/DEBT system now wrecking our nation and harming all humanity, and replaces it with a government MONEY system. (more)